Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blog spammers

Bastards. I keep getting people adding spam comments to sites like the following:
(no link provided to avoid increasing their PageRank)
Unfortunately, I guess a lot of people don't check out the comments on their blogs. They seem to be in the same general format - "Hey blogger, your site is really informative! I'll check back later. Regards, make money online." The bolded text is always a link to their site with some sort of keyword that they presumably want to come up high in the search engine rankings.

The other sad thing is that apparently it works, or else these guys wouldn't be able to afford hosting fees. People actually search for "make money fast" and such and end up getting redirected to these sites, and apparently pay for whatever the hell they are selling. It's sad to think that people really believe this kind of crap:

Image taken from

Oh well. Looks like I'll have to keep deleting the comments, since I'm not turning on comment moderation. I don't even know why people keep doing this since rel=nofollow has been implemented on Blogger. :/


Anonymous said...

I guess the comment system is a bit lack on

You should check out LJ Blog's , they never get spam ..


splintax said...

The comment system is fine. It's just annoying; I don't want to have to turn on comment moderation since then less people will want to comment. :P

Miles Burke said...

Yeah, blog spammers can all leave I say. I've learnt to have Wordpress place any comments in my moderation queue if they have any links whatsoever in the body of the comment - that seems to have stopped 99% of them.

we saw that... said...

why not file abuse complaints to the comment spammers isp's like what we have done.

there is an example in the comments section here.

splintax said...

Wow, the ISPs actually did something?!

I'll give it a try next time.