Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ugly blog theme

Yes, I am aware that right now, my blog looks like a piece of shit. I started rewriting the CSS, and stopped half-way through. I'll finish it off some time. :/

edit: gave up and replaced the theme with "k2-black" from this blogger templates site. It's a nice theme, I modified it a bit (I'm not a fan of sidebars). Now I've just gotta fix that bugginess down at the bottom of the page..


Determination said...

yeah, it sucks.

Valeria said...

hello, you posted on my blog - "cherries galore", to refresh your memory
About the bicarb soda (though i suspect you don't care) - no one would sell it because 1. It doesnt foam like other shampoo, and 2. it has no added benefits to it/perfume. I add other stuff to my hair to get it to look okay and smell nice, the bicarb just gets rid of oil.
Do I know you at all, by the way?