Friday, December 30, 2005

Boy opens video iPod box, finds Spam

Boy finds mystery meat instead of iPod, via Engadget..

At least the guy who found batteries inside a hard drive box from Staples got something useful as his mystery prize; when a 14-year-old Hawaiian boy opened up the video iPod that his mother had bought him for Christmas, he was treated not to one of Steve's little treasures but to an unopened package of "mystery" meat instead.

Oh, come on, Spam is useful. You can eat it. Some gems in the comments, too:

Had this happen at my place of employ before. A digital camera was returned with a bar of soap and a can of V8 tomato juice instead of the camera. *sniff*

I live in Hawaii, and I ate a Spam musubi (spam, rice, seaweed) for breakfast. Spam is everywhere!
One time I bought a can of Spam, and it had a fricking iPod in it! I was PISSED.

Seen it haappen where a bag of flour was found instead of a subwoofer

Years ago I bought a CD copy of Nirvana's Bleach album, and it looked like the real thing, right down to the print on the disc. But they had somehow accidentally put the contents of some really shitty disco pop music on the disc.

ROFL!, that exact same thing happened to me when i bought my Raedon 9600.

ROFL, indeed.

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