Thursday, December 15, 2005

Opera to Put User's Face in Times Square

Opera to Put User's Face in Times Square (via Slashdot)

Regardless of whether or not this ever actually happens, they've opened up a forum where users can submit pictures of themselves along with a blurb as to why they feel they deserve to be "honoured" by the Opera sign at New Year's. Suffice to say, it's fucking hilarious.

WHY NOT? - thorgy (link)

Them's some fine-ass bitches right there.
"Them's some fine-ass bitches right there."

This guy (known only as "SerbianFighter") posted a twelve-page rant on civil unrest in Czechslovakia, or something.

Former Yugoslavia consisted of 6 states in which 6 main nations lived... all spoke basically the same language, had same roots, history... all were mixed and it couldn't break peacefully ... nationalism grew on all sides and it all was like a volcano ready to erupt... I really am not here to disscus the reasons or decisions some people that were entitled to decide in our names made... I can only say that we all together and each nation individualy didn't need those rivers of blood and years of hate..

Times Square needs me - magnus_1986 (link)
My name is Muhammad Jamal Abid, and I am ninteen years old. I feel I should be representing Opera on Times Square because this photo gives a look that it is 'aerodynamic' and fast. Just like Opera. It is also very friendly looking as well as aggressive to malicious things, just like Opera behaves with spyware/malicious popups. I gives a fresh young look with a new outlook on life but not immature. Just like Opera.
Friendly tip: Include your "aerodynamic and fast" picture next time!

Someone made a conscious decision to upload this picture to the internet, because they would like it to be displayed on a massive electronic sign in Times Square, in front of a million other people.

Thanks for clarifying that.
Oh, now I get it! Thanks for the clarification. Picture of the man himself.

One acronym: LOL

Original submission.
That's OK Christos, I forget my name sometimes, too.
I forgot my name.

CLICK HERE FOR FREE XBOX 360! - albaby348 (link)
Haha noob! Thank you for checking out my post. Now that I have your attention I will make a claim using obscure reason why you should pick me to REP-RE-SENT Opera. You should pick me because I am not a noob, I am a 1337 h4x0r!!11! I can pwn all other noobs in NYC! In addition, my disgruntled look for prom says it all, Opera is the shizzle!

Damn, I was fooled.
"Damn, I was fooled by albaby348! THERE IS NO XBOX 360!"

Shit yeah.

Swiss Cheese going global - Numer0bis (link)

I eat IE for breakfast, bitch!
swiss cheese going global 24/7 beating down the door fully unstoppable hardcore cubed unit bringing together my brothers and i don't take none of that ie shit for shizzle dizzle. IE SUXXX

Lin Zhizhao - I want my mother know - quasimo (link)
Hello!I want my mother know!I want my mother say Wow!And I want to share my love to the world!I'm Lin Zhizhao,Chinese.
What the hell is with Chinese people wanting to share their love to the world? I thought their goverment banned that?

current mood thoughtful lol
current mood: thoughtful lol XD

Times Square Screen Submission - Underwater Plunge in Paradise - tomasboman (link)
Remember the song "Bakerman is baking bread"? Remember the line "Relax, take it easy"? Use the picture of me taking a plunge on Bora Bora, to remind people around the world that work is not all there is.
What the fuck are you talking about?

Get the fuck off my monitor!
Get the fuck off my monitor!

My 2 greatest loves - Ana and Opera - vlad_leonte (link)
I lOve you both! HOpe we'll make it all three Of us tO NYC!
You forgot the Os in 'you' and 'both', Vlad.

use opera or ill fuck you up wanker
"use opera or ill fuck you up wanker"

Hahaha, Opera rocks.

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