Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gotta love forums

Here we go with another rip-off of SomethingAwful's Weekend Web segment. Hey, those bastards don't ever accept any of the shit I send in for them, so I'll do it myself.

Message deleted by administrator
Yeah, iMDB has a pretty good 'posting community'.

oh gn03s, a spyware-virus!
It's spyware.. it's a virus.. it's SPYWARE VIRUS! (

Don't be racist towards negroes!
"don't be racist about negros" (gamefaqs)

Alright, GameFAQs forums are just too funny. The rest are all from GameFAQs.

"no, ur the noob"

Samus gets tired, eventually.
Samus also can curl up into a ball approximately one-quarter her regular size in half a second and drop an unlimited supply of bombs while in this ball, but how the fuck can she walk around all day with a heavy cannon on her arm?

Samus and Master Chief to wed.
I'd hope they invited me to the wedding. Man, that would 'pwn'.

What is the viscosity of Phazon?
Oh, and what is the symbol for kryptonite?

I happen to prefer Metroid Prime.
"I will admit that Britney Spears is decent. I happen to prefer video game characters." "I beg to differ, sir."

'Hawt Samus' stash.
Copy of the first image listed above.
Does your 'stash' contain any 'hawt' pictures of Mario? I've been looking all over.

I'm a Christian!
What in the fuck does this have to do with Halo 2?

I've got nothing to say.
Thanks for sharing with us!

This is too much for me. I might come back later and have another crack at reading GameFAQs forums.

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