Thursday, December 22, 2005

Online petitions

When are people going to learn that petitions, much less online petitions, don't do shit. Fuck!

You may have heard of a site called, which offers free online petitions. A similar service is offered by PetitionSpot. God.

Let's go through some of these petitions. For starters, the "most active" petitions on PetitionOnline include "INVESTIGATE VIETNAM FOR CONTINUED VIOLATION OF CAMBODIA’S NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY AND SURVIVAL" with 3623 signatures at the moment. It's a letter addressed to the President of the United States asking him to "investigate" relations between Vietname and Cambodia, ie. start a war as far as I can see. Assuming he is able to read the letter, I can't see Bush suddenly saying "let's go declare war on them", unless oil mysteriously appears in Vietnam or something.

So PetitionOnline is pretty worthless, but PetitionSpot is another completely different level of shite. "Ricky is NOT ugly" is currently on the front page as one of the most active petitions. Similar petitions include "we heart emo hair", "PETITION SPOT BLOWS", "Eminem Sux" ("maybe it is time he came out of his closet and let everyone no he is really gay wit dr uhh dre i think it is or wait nooo its dr gay!! now i remember"), or "Make All MMORPG's FREE". What kind of dumb fuck would think that companies like Blizzard would just give up US$100 million per month (based on US$20 per month subscription fee and 5 million active subscriptions to World of Warcraft) just because a couple of people signed a petition saying "it should be free like any other game". MMORPGs have ongoing costs (moderators, servers etc.) unlike "other games", dumbass.

While most petitions have stupid concepts behind them, KKK KILLAS not only is a ridiculous idea for a petition ("KKK SUCKS MAN. THEY SHOULD DIE! HAHAHAHHA. MUHAHHA") it has inspired hundreds of idiots from all walks of life (read: both black people and white people) to comment on either how "niggers deserve to be working on the farm" or "black people have bigger cocks than honkeys". Oh yeah and also "you rasists suk". I post as of now the newest 50 or so signatures in their full unedited (just restyled) glory.

kkk sucks evry body knows eat there just white pppl that has sexs with ther hats
kkk suck the ponty things on there head are used to have gay ses fuck the kkk
lol kkk already xist? they dont give a shit they are fucking death , whites and blacks fucking sucks
363the man
What strikes me is the effort that you people put into this and all it really is ,is free advertising for the Klan.

Thank You for all the support.
Long live the Klan!!!
Damn straight number 342
These fucking pointy hat white ass wiping jerk offs are all going to burn in the gates of hell. And when you do I will laugh. Do you know how there founder died he got poked in the eye with that gay pointy hat. Have fun in hell you white ass wiping fuckers
They will burn in hell every one of them just like there finder
I support this petition.the kkk suck, there is no chance in hell that they will get what they want cuz they seriously need 2 get thei freakin facts rite, white niggas (no offense 2 anyone who is against the kkk)thats rite if they call black ppl niggas they must b white niggas, fuck them, the most racist organisation ever nd y, cuz black ppl got their freedom, how selfish can u get???
i just wanna remind 'THE DEMON WITHIN'(#42) that he shouldn't say that only the whites own america.

first of all, america is actually originally owned by the NATIVE AMERICANS... and the whites, then.. took it away from them in 'UNCIVILIZED' ways. i have a lot of white friends and i am not hating whites at all. in fact, i hate the fact they (some of 'em..) think that they should be superior.

by saying that foreigners make america like saying that he is, as well, technically..'coz the white americans are not the original people of america.

know your history, THE DEMON WITHIN', sir. as an american military..i think that you should set a good example to other them that americans are educated and respectful.

thank you!
355Bryan Millsap
I support this petition.
354kkk fucker
KKK are just facist racist and bitch.They are against evolution and race minorities.They are only a group of son-of-a-bitch who try to look tought but they failed they are cock sucker and dog fucker.EAT THIS KKK PRICK
The KKK stands for Korny Kracker Kunts...i remember not too long ago maybe a couple of months ago they tried marching somewhere in the south and got jumped by the "hood"...i loved seeing it too...
352Angry Fucker
They should change to CKC:
Culture Killing Cunts
The kkk is the biggest group of fags I have ever seen, I'm mean they all wear a dress and look like crackheads. What do they represent....
The freak show?! My high school chess team can stand up to them.
350taylor epley
the kkk just needs to go straight to hell
Yo nigger i think the KKK is white trash hicks that need to get over them selfs cause it aint the way of god god wants us to all be together as one io no iot may sound cheesy but its true
not only fuck the kkk fuck everything that is racist!
not all whites are kkk we can't help being white any differently than u can help being black
these days to get ahead u have to be black sooo wat u on about
the kkk were bad pplz wateva their race
like the suicide bombers they are claiming to be doing thid on behalf of a religion that they break the 1st rule of it by doing that
FucK the KKK they suck big white cocks!!
345jolis friend
jolis is rights just that he ment reipers isted of rapers
344jolis friend
jolis is rights just that he ment reipers isted of rapers
kkk are a bunch of fucking pussys rapers . KKk is full of fucking old bastards bothering others. So kkk motherfuckers we are going to kill you. Watch out idiots.
if u kkk fuckers dont want us in america then why tha fuck did u bringus here in tha first place,since i KNOW u dont have AN ANSWER TO THAT JUST STFU!!!

I hope that this has inspired you to never sign a fucking online petition, as it will do jack shit. For more ranting about the worthlessness of petitions, see Maddox.


Anonymous said...

This was funny! Omg! I really do not like the KKK but it won't help having a petition



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