Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More on Opera's Times Square sign

You might have read my previous post on Opera's marketing decision to place an Opera user's face in Times Square, New York on New Year's Eve on the ABC sign.

Well, they made a decision on who will be representing them!

Dan Alexandru (aka dantesoft) of Romania is Opera's New York - New Year's competition winner!

He had presented us with an interesting story of romance, of love and of course: Opera IRC. His story was just too good for us to pass up. We wouldn't do the story justice by telling it here - read on in Dan's blog to let him tell it properly.

Congratulations, Dan. We hope to be kept up on how this develops.

First image of Dan
"hi guys!"

Second image of Dan
"opera pwns firefox"

I'm sure he will do us proud in Times Square. Ahem. I wonder which of those pictures will actually be displayed on the massive sign?

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