Saturday, December 03, 2005

"Can I ask you whether you prefer Internet Explorer or Firefox?"

This is an interesting "video blog" where they go around asking random people on the street "whether they prefer Internet Explorer or Firefox".

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The comments are really insightful. Here's a few memorable ones.

"It seems to be faster, and for what it's worth, it seems to be more secure."
"Explorer." "Why?" "'Cos I don't know how the fuck to use Firefox right now! It seems all weird to me; Mozilla, right? It's just weird to me."
"Firefox, definitely. Isn't it like the best invention of 2005 or something?"
"[Firefox,] 'Cos it's a non-Microsoft product - it doesn't crash as much."
"[Firefox, because] Uhhh... Internet Explorer has all kinds of problems with uh, many websites that you might go to visit, you know, in Firefox maybe it has less, you know, I think perhaps it's more secure anyway."
"Firefox." *gives thumbs up and runs away*
"I use Firefox, just because my dad said I get less viruses that way."
"[Firefox,] Because it has a fox and it's on fire."
"[Firefox,] Because.. I hate Internet Explorer." "Why?" "I dunno, it's not as secure as Firefox."
"I'm not for big err.. the Microsoft is giving me trouble."
"[Firefox,] Because it blocks all my cookies."
"Why?" "I dunno, I just like Firefox."
Oh yeah, the harp music was a nice touch, too.

Go Firefox marketing! Firefox, the browser used by people because "my dad says it gives me less viruses, it blocks all my cookies, and it's a fox on fucking fire, dude!"

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